Your Voice Matters

Today is election day in Canada, and we have the opportunity to exercise our franchise and vote.

I grew up in a family where mum actively worked for one of the political parties, and dad was equally interested in another.  Mum was the more vocal, so her voice and opinions tended to dominate.

In our childhood, the opinions of our parents often become our opinions or we rebel and take an opposing view, don’t we?  That sometimes continues for a very long time.

It’s part of the programming and socialization we get along the way.  As a kid, perhaps age 10 or so, I remember parroting an opinion of my mum, and listened as other kids did the same from their parents.  I remember noticing for the first time that this was her opinion, rather than my own.  And though I stated it with commitment, I realized I didn’t really know what I thought on the matter.

And so it goes.

I was listening to a radio program on CBC recently, where a new older voter mentioned that he’d never voted in prior elections because he didn’t think his voice mattered.  Over time, and with healing, he has come to realize that it does matter.

Many others may not vote because they believe their voice doesn’t matter.  Others may believe it won’t make a difference so why bother.  Some may not have yet learned that the right to vote is a gift and a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the greater whole that is the country’s collective direction and vision. 

Each person who has the right to vote is like a note in a beautiful symphony.  That note is important, and the symphony is full and its true beauty and glory is only evident when all notes are played.  When some are missed, all suffer.  Every note and instrument matters in the symphony of Life.

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