Setting Intentions

Setting Intentions aka your 5 step process to experience more heart, and greater joy, happiness and love in your life for February and beyond!

I heard something awhile ago that caught my attention.  It was this (and I’m highly paraphrasing):  we lose our ability to focus on where we’re going when we say that all the pain, suffering and negativity that we see or experience is ‘good’, or is helping us ‘grow’.  Awakening and personal growth doesn’t require pain.  We don’t need to continue to affirm the very thing that needs to be eliminated.1

I reflected on this because I’m aware that what we focus on expands.  In this I mean that we see and experience more of what we focus on. This is partly because of the way the brain functions (the reticular activating system to be exact), and partly the result of both conscious and unconscious thoughts and beliefs. It means that if you focus on pain and sadness and such things, that’s more of what will be on your “radar” and you will likely see and experience more of that.  So, it made sense to me that if we rationalize pain and suffering, or make it ok somehow, we are actually reducing our drive for inspiration for what we would love (or even just prefer!).

There’s a belief in some circles that the pain or suffering helps us grow, meaning that we are building a spiritual muscle by our pain or suffering.  Yet if you think about it, starving a person puts that person into survival and not giving water to a plant doesn’t help it to grow.  Is pain and suffering really the path to joy?  Are anger, frustration, judgment, hurt and sorrow really the way to experience more peace, harmony and Light.

It certainly isn’t in my experience.  When I’m focused on pain, hurt and sorrow, I attract more of the same. It’s a vibrational thing – its physics – the way the world of duality is structured.  Tune into CNN (constantly negative news) and you won’t be on the same wavelength as the Discovery Channel!

Currently the media is focused on Covid, or talking about the divisions in society – whether race based, politics or the like. This can only increase fear, division and separation in our society, and our consciousness if we take it in.

Divide and Rule has been a strategy to conquer the hearts and minds of people for millennia – my mum was very adept at this so I know its effects rather well.  I suspect you may too, if you reflect on experiences in your life.

Regardless of the lockdown situation you may be experiencing, at the current moment, we do still have the power to discriminate and choose – we can reject pain and division and we can choose peace and love.  To do that, however, requires that we focus on what inspires us rather than what generates doubt, fear, sorrow and the like.

Now, I’ve read and heard some spiritual people say “there’s only one thing happening and that’s infinite intelligence”.  And that may be true in the “infinite”. Yet most of us still perceive ourselves to be living in a finite or physical world of duality – other than perhaps in those rare bliss filled moments in nature or meditation when we align with the beauty, expansiveness and oneness of all there is.  Back on “planet earth” that isn’t our normal experience.

I’m not saying we can’t become fully aware of infinite intelligence here.  I’ve have a profound experience of this recently that I will share at some point. 

What I do know is that we have a choice to look for the light or focus on the darkness, regardless of what is going on around us, or whether we understand “what is happening” or not.  We have a greater opportunity than ever before to experience ourselves in ways that are aligned with who we truly are as our solar system moves into a new area in the galaxy.

Our thoughts and actions matter, and that they make matter is a fact.

So, what can you do in this beautiful month of February that we celebrate Love to lessen your troubled thoughts and challenges and lighten your load?

Here’s a 5 step process that will increase Love within and around you.  It will help you to focus on what you would love to experience for your day and your life, and support you if or when you find yourself deviating from that intention. Here it is:

  • Each morning, turn your attention and decide the type of day you want to experience.  Then say: “My day can happen like that.” 

If you’ve decided this, then when you say that to yourself, you will have a feeling of certainty rather than doubt. And if find yourself in doubt of it happening, ask yourself this question:

“In the realm of infinite possibilities, might there be 1 possibility that my day can happen like that?” 

If you say “yes”, then decide for it and write down your intention for your day in 1 sentence – make a statement for it; make it true.

If you find yourself saying “I don’t have time”, consider challenging that thought. Every person has the same 24 hours in a day and, as we know, “time” is relative.  Everyone has the time to do what they really want in their day. If you don’t “have time” or are thinking this is dumb, it could mean it doesn’t resonate with you.  On the other hand, it may mean you have a desire for something yet are experiencing some resistance to bringing it into form. Sometimes we may want something yet to have it other things in our life would have to change.  Never underestimate the power of your current patterns of thought. We all have strong patterns of thought and behavior that have a vested interest in things staying as they are – whether or not we are happy.

  • If you say “yes”, then decide to align all your decisions and actions today with that intention.  If you believe in spirit guides or angels, a “higher self” or “higher” power of any kind, you can ask for support in this.
  • Next, set the timer on your phone or a clock to remind you of your intention every hour.  Yup, that’s what I said – every hour. Remember: what you focus on expands.  I set my iphone for every 55 minutes after the hour, for every waking hour each day. When the timer goes off I actually physically get up and read my intention each time. Now if I’m driving or something, that isn’t possible, so that’s fine. I do it at the first opportunity.

When I first started this, I noticed I would ignore the timer some times 🙂 Now I don’t.  If I’m in the middle of a business call and the timer goes off, I take my piece of paper where I’ve written my daily intention and put it prominently where I can see it.  I read it once I’m off the phone.  I’ve been doing this daily for months now and have found my days more fluid, happier and productive.

  • As soon as something happens that feels negative, that isn’t aligned with your day or some unhappiness enters, the next step is to notice it.  Recognize both that it has occurred, and that it is not part of the day you intended.  Then, recommit to your intention.
  • Finally, there may be times when you experience resistance to changing your train of thought.  If so, try saying this: “At least I can decide that I don’t like what I feel right now.  So, I trust be mistaken”.  Then breathe deeply, as if you are breathing in and out from your heart region and ask for another way to look at this. If you have continued resistance, ask: “What can I lose by asking?”

Our thoughts bring more joy, peace, light, happiness and feelings of love, or the opposite. Results follow.

May you experience a wonderful month, and if you’d love inspiration at any time, connect with me on social:

I currently have only 1 spot available for personal coaching so if you may be interested in making some profound shifts in your life this year, please reach out.   

Much love coming your way, Eve

1 The original statement (which I highly paraphrased) was made by Saratoga Ocean in one of her youtube videos.

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