You are Unique!

Do you sometimes compare yourself to others? 

People say, “well that’s normal”.  Maybe it is…

I don’t know how you feel yet whenever I fall into comparison “mode” it doesn’t feel very good.  So why is that?

When we compare, we are looking at someone’s outer results from a lens and our own feelings of inadequacy.  That’s pretty strange, if you think about it. 

Do flowers compare themselves to others? Other animals? I suspect not.

Now, comparison despair is very different than looking at others results, celebrating them and aspiring to achieve your own version.  That has a completely different vibe to it!


So, consider trying an experiment today.  Decide to notice when you compare yourself to another. Then instead of falling or sliding down that rabbit hole (and finding yourself at yet another tea party with the Mad Hatter), choose instead to compliment yourself and celebrate the other person. 

I suspect by the end of the day you’ll feel happy and have had a great day!

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