Your Expectations

Why “gotta start small”?

I once had someone tell me I needed to reset my expectations down – that I had to start small and work up.  Or that was the message I received.

At the time I didn’t realize it was actually her paradigm or pattern of thinking that was speaking. 

Yet one need only watch some of the talent shows to witness the fallacy of the “start small” and have to “work up” belief.  People of every age come onto those stages for their opportunity. Some may have years of training, others raw talent, heart and enthusiasm.  Stars are born right there and then.

We can always gain skill, and hone our craft.  Along the way we are likely to have (what some call) failures (and others call feedback).  Effort and action are always required to accomplish anything in this physical world in which we live.  Yet, energy always seems to be available when we are in love with the idea or dream, doesn’t it. 

Our goals and dreams ought to exceed our current capacity, cause us to stretch and get out of our comfort zone.  It’s actually important to not know the “how”.  The not knowing how leaves open the opportunity for synchronicity, and other wonderful experiences along the way.

Bianca Andreescu, the Canadian tennis teen who won the US open, started her 2019 year at No. 152 and climbed to No. 5 in 9 months.  What an amazing journey!  Its reported that she visualizes achieving her goals, and walks around in her imagination as if the goals were already true. 

That is a key. There is science to this in that we move into alignment or resonance with the goal or dream and all manner of support and opportunities start to line up for the fulfillment of the goal or dream.

As Stephen Covey once wrote: begin with the end in mind.  Become clear on whatever you’d love to create. And I’ll add that it’s important that we have good feeling for it; that its vivid and alive in our imagination. Start to have fun, in your imagination, being the person who is doing or having that thing or experience. Then take massive action to move that desire from thought to thing.

Along the way, if or when someone says something to you that is or feels limiting, consider pausing and reflecting on the content before taking it to heart.  While there may be a gem of information you can glean from the exchange, consider that it may be their own fears or experience speaking and have nothing to do with you.

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