What is your Purpose?

What do you think your purpose is? And, what if your purpose wasn’t a job function? Would that change the way you look at life?

From the time I was in Grade 10 of High School and for many years, I wondered what my purpose was and why I was on this planet. At that time, my family had just returned from living 2 years in Nairobi, Kenya. 

It had been a happy time.  I had loved our school, had a best girlfriend and a boyfriend who seemed to think the world of me.  There was always something interesting to do, and at age 14 if I wasn’t engaged in schoolwork, there was shopping in Nairobi, swimming at the local club or a myriad of other things.  I loved jewelry, and the materials and colours of clothing to be found there…

Returning to Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada, after 2 years of travel brought challenges.  I returned to a local high school, entering Grade 10, where the kids had already formed relationships and groups from the prior year.  In that particular school, called Sheldon Collegiate, at that time one was either a “jock” or a “freak”. To be a jock was to excel at volleyball, basketball or track.  I was a gymnast, so I guess that made me a freak. 

One of my siblings was in constant trouble with the law, and the other had graduated from High School in Nairobi. She was taking 1 class at the local high school to qualify for the program she wanted to enroll in and otherwise was working.  She wasn’t around much – though technically still lived at home.  My parents had separated at the time we left Kenya. With all that was going on, I found solace in gymnastics and piano.

I was lonely, though, and being different from other kids, and with all the challenges at home, I didn’t see much purpose for what people called “life” on planet earth. At times my thought was: “beam me up, Scotty”. 

And it didn’t get better – or much better in any event.

I changed high schools and by my final year (or 3rd year back in Regina) I was finally starting to make a few friends.  However by that time, I had decided to go to a university in Ontario – I didn’t see my self staying in Saskatchewan.

Though we went to church when I was a girl, I never really connected with much of it. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe there was a God – I just didn’t believe in the “guy in the sky” scenario. I did have a sense that there was something more than what was going on visibly though – call it whatever one wanted.  I had to believe that, otherwise where was the hope?

In many societies, children grow up and are expected to get the education necessary to get a job and contribute to the system, whatever that is, until they have earned enough to either retire or are aged out.  From there folks either find ways to contribute, enjoy their grandchildren or let the days pass as old age approaches.

I know of a few older folks who where thinking they ought to move closer to a hospital!  My thought on that was – “you do that”… ?!

People take vacations, have joyful moments and some find and follow a passion. Yet for the most part and for many years, I’ve wondered what on earth is going on if this is all there is to life on planet earth.

Now this may sound cold or depressing.  Yet if you think about it deeply, perhaps you might question the system too.

I don’t actually think what we see or experience is all there is to “life” or even planet earth, yet do understand that most humans are programed to act out this scenario, and then they “die”.  There are numerous studies and methods that indicate that what we focus on expands, and what we believe we will generate or create.  So those of us who believe in lack will be resonating at that frequency and enact that. Conversely, those who believe that the world is abundant will have an attitude of gratitude and create abundance.

In my early thirties, I had already had a few major breakdowns and was looking for answers.  Since then, I’ve been involved and encountered numerous spiritual groups and teachers, many with a focus on enacting one’s “purpose”.

“Find your True Purpose”… “Become who you Truly Are”, etc. are very seductive slogans for those who are searching as I was. And I enrolled in many of these courses and events. 

Yet what I have found over time is that the human purpose ought not to be conflated as, and is not a function.  It is not a job description or talent.  It isn’t something to “find” or “uncover”.  It isn’t a role to enact.

Putting “purpose” in this category is a misguided perception and supports the system.  It presumes that if you haven’t “found” this, something is wrong with you.  Of course, this can be fixed and the course or event is the panacea for that.  Everything will be fine and you will be enlightened if you pay this money and take this course…


I’m not cynical, though it may appear so.  And, I do believe in miracles.

In addition, from a 3D perspective, there may be some validity in that approach.

How often do you hear that it is the purpose of humanity, and we are on this planet to “learn”. Many people believe that we are here on planet earth to “learn”. My question is: to learn exactly what? Well, polarity… according to this, source or God wanted to experience horror etc., to know itself.

At the same time, we are informed that we are already “one”, connected to all things (at higher vibrational frequencies, of course).  So that is a paradox.

From what I know, my purpose in being on planet earth at this time is to support the earth and all humans and nature to evolve back into our natural frequency of Love.  In the 3rd dimension, we experience polarization. However I don’t see that as a “learning” purpose, when we already are connected and all there is.  Yet, since we do not have our memories, we can re-awaken or remember – re-member.

Otherwise, why would any being in their right mind wish to come here?

It is known that all activities, thoughts and emotions, either contribute to and promote greater Light forces, or they contribute and promote more density and dark forces. We either increase the collective frequency or lower it.

As such, aligning our activities and the gifts we have enhances frequency and manifestation of our “I” – that which we truly are. Though personality or an identity is developed, there can remain a level of knowing, connectedness and purity.

Where people do not have clarity, healing may be required and they will, if there is some level of spiritual awareness or desire for that, search. Yet in the belief and search, may also be vulnerable to false presentations appearing real, and a false identity developing since one is unaware of the real self and looking to others reflecting to them what that is.

We have been “blue pilled” to look outside ourselves for validation and so we can determine what and who we are, and actions to take.  Many don’t take a step without that confirmation.  And some spiritual leaders require that of their followers.

Independence is seen as a threat.

And so it is a threat to the ego of the personality of such a leader.

With healing there is clarity – and healing comes in many forms.

As the proverbial baggage is set down, and transmuted through Love, we become lighter and clearer in our contributions and approaches.

Every little bit counts.  And, at a certain time awareness awakens the destiny of each human.

So, seek away. Yet know of that which you seek.  Is it a place in the system? A position and function? Or is it the Truth and awareness of what and who you truly are?

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