What is the voice of the Heart?

Have you ever wondered what people are talking about when they say “come from your heart”?

If that question resonates with you, read on. I have a secret to share!

When I first heard people ask:  “what does your heart say”, I thought it was weird, and somewhat silly.  Perhaps it was just me, and being a lawyer, but we didn’t talk in those terms.  While I felt things, I just thought these were my emotions and feelings.  It seemed to me a stretch to call that “listening to my heart”.  Why on earth would my heart have anything to say, and if it did, how was I to hear it?  The voice I heard was distinctly in my head!

That was over 20 years ago, and since then I have had the opportunity to discover what the heart’s voice is and truly means, along with the importance of reconnecting with and listening to the heart’s voice and wisdom at every opportunity.

Well, what is it, this “heart’s voice”, then?

For those of you who are skeptical you may well ask, what is the voice of the heart?  Is it an actual sound, and does it express as thoughts in my head?

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From a science or medical perspective, the heart is a pump in the center of the body.  It’s ongoing function is necessary for us to be alive here.  Yet, doesn’t that dry definition seem rather at odds with its reputation as the center and symbol for love, and what we know when we think of or say the word “heart”?

There are hundreds of words containing the word “heart” in English.  If you are openhearted you may also be warmhearted, wholehearted, kindhearted or a sweetheart.  Otherwise you may feel coldhearted, disheartened, halfhearted, fainthearted, or downright downhearted.

Still, it is often a challenge to capture the true meaning of the heart and its wisdom in words.  We can talk around it and have words point the direction, whether in metaphors or otherwise.  However, the words lack meaning if taken literally.

So what is the code?

The heart, and its voice, is an experience.  It can only be known, intuited and felt.

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When you gaze at a sunset or a beautiful rose, do words adequately describe the experience?

The voice of the heart is the voice of your true spirit as it touches you in innumerable ways.  It comes to you as a gentle sense, a feeling, an intuitive nudge.  It guides you to step in this direction (whatever that may be), and its expression of “yes” feels good and expansive.  It comes in the quiet moments in response to your request.  It is loving.  It never judges, demands or challenges.

The voice of the heart is the true voice of each human.  Can you sense how this differs from feelings and emotions?  And, how this voice differs substantially from that voice in your head?

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