To Be or Become the Change…

Some people know the quote of Mahatma Gandhi as, “Be the change you want to see in the world”.  I’ve heard it as “Become the change you want to see in your world”. 

So, “what is the difference”?

We may live on 1 planet yet each person lives in his or her own world.  The world we live in depends on our perception, and our perception arises from our patterns of thinking.  Your patterns of thinking differ from mine, and because of that we may see the world very differently.  Some people see the world as harsh, challenging, etc., while others see the world as supportive, and one of abundance.  Our perceptions are malleable, rather than fixed, and our world will change as we change our patterns of thinking.   

To be what we want to see in “the world” we have to become it. 

If we want more love, kindness, joyfulness, compassion, respect, discipline etc., we have to shift our patterns of thought and actions.

Easy to say and do on a one-off basis, isn’t it? 

Yet a pattern is, by definition, a repetitive thought or action.  And depending on how deep that “rut” is, it will take more or less awareness and effort to shift it.

Yet, it is completely do-able regardless of how long or how deep the pattern runs. 

We can choose to be more of what we would love to be and see in our world.  And with awareness, support and effort, we will find that we, too, have become the change we wanted to see in our world.

In order to Be, we must first become.

And if you’d like support in becoming the man or woman you’d love to be, click here to schedule your complimentary coaching session.

Here’s to your Brilliance!

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