The more we copy or imitate others, the less we are ourselves.

A while ago I was watching snipits of the early auditions for American Idol.  A 17 year old came into the audition room and was asked who her influences were.  She mentioned an artist who was her “idol” and that she was signing a song by that artist.  After starting to sing, she was asked to stop almost immediately.  On her 3rd song choice, which happened to be from church, her real tone and personality came through.  The judges spoke to her, yet she didn’t seem realize that the more she mimicked her idol, the less compelling she was in her own right – in her presence and vocal sound. It was a living example that the more we copy or imitate another person, wonderful though they may be, the less we shine – the less we are of our Self.

Where are you mimicking or trying to be like others?  How’s it working for you?

Learning by watching can be a good way to skill up. Learning from teachers and mentors is important.  However, the best teachers and mentors will teach and model skills, and look to enhance the real beauty, essence and spirit of the student.

Otherwise, having a tendency to copy others is like living in a shadow. It dims our own beauty and light.

We may put on a mask and costume to feel confident or more sure of ourselves. It may even feel liberating, like on Hallowe’en Day. Yet once it becomes a cover to who we are, it can start to feel more like a cloak or even a cage. We may not realize it at first, but we’re not able to be authentic.

Some folks will spend time and energy trying to figure out the why or how of the story.  Perhaps they were told they were not enough, good enough, smart enough etc., compared to others, didn’t make the grade, wasn’t a match to someone or ought to have been more like them.  Perhaps they were criticized a lot so became insecure, and unsure.  Where it originated is the stuff of therapy.  And for some, that is an option.

Many of us just want to go beyond all of that. And that is where coaching can help. What we focus on expands. This is the physics of the physical world.  When we focus on what we don’t want, we are wiring and firing those trains of thought we say we don’t want. Yikes!

Or, perhaps we do want them?  After all, those thought patterns may be keeping us comfortable. 

You may say, “I know that”.  Many of us have heard or read this before, have you really taken it in?  Do you know the power of knowing it? It all comes down to results.

“I thought it meant the world to me, yet the world I see meant more.”  The “it” in this case was something that was very near and dear to me.  Yet at a certain time, I was unaware that I was invested in certain subconscious beliefs. That was where the power was and the world I unconsciously chose.  Those same subconscious beliefs sabotaged my conscious efforts to make positive changes and the result was confusion, pain and a great amount of sorrow.

When we are at a breaking point, we break down or break through.  Thoughts in the subconscious have power only while they remain there.  We will continue to break down, until we bring them to light. 

Where are you invested?

Where are you holding onto grievances?

What identity or identities are you carrying or even lugging around?

Once we bring them into the light of our conscious awareness we have a choice:  we can continue with the charade and life will seem hard, or choose to exercise our power to change them.  If we choose the latter, we have the opportunity to break free of the false persona we have made for ourselves, and allow our true voice to sing freely. 

We will then experience the results we would prefer.

We are living in times of chaos and what seems like the unknown. And with that comes fear for many.  We have to take a leap of faith – not hope, but faith. As one of my mentors, Mary Morrissey, says, “faith is our believing power”. Everyone has the same amount.  We may feel a pull to the familiar and want to fall back to “comfort”.  We may feel afraid.  Yet this is the time to shed the cloak that no longer fits.

As Jim Carrey said in his Commencement Address at Maharishi University in 2015: … after you walk through those doors today you will only have two choices. Love or fear. Choose love and don’t ever let fear turn you against your playful heart.”

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