The Envelopes

Pretend that someone is handing you 2 envelopes.

In the first is the list of benefits you receive by taking greater and greater command of your thoughts.  You are now a creator and are creating a life you would absolutely love – a life you design. 

In the second envelop is a list of consequences that result when we allow our thoughts to wander along the same paths they have been trained to be on – paths of not measuring up, of fear, doubt, worry, not good enough, not smart enough, not fit or whatever enough.

Each of us has our own list, yet the overall theme of this envelop is common.  We wake up and get busy to fill a need or void, or because that’s just the way that it is.

We sometimes feel that life is happening to us and we have little control over world circumstances that impact us.  We find ourselves reacting to whatever comes our way and often check out at the end of the day.

Entropy is inherent to this finite or physical world, so experiencing the list of consequences in the second envelop is often considered the “norm”.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

When we are generating results we don’t prefer, we are operating from default patterns of thought. 

Some people try personal development solutions such as meditation or mindfulness training, make resolutions, get some help to cease a habit, or decide to take the trip, buy the house, get the pet, go for the work, hobby or do whatever brings them joy. 

And these can work for a time.  Yet often the benefits don’t last, do they.

In order for change to be permanent we have to shift our patterns of thought.  If you have a regular train of thought that leads to a certain feeling/place, that train of thought is only programed to take you there.  It isn’t programed to take you anywhere else.  Say you want to go from Toronto to Los Angeles yet you always seem to end up in New York.  If you continue to get on a train that is going to New York, you will never end up in LA.  You will always end up in New York. 

Say our destination is “to be happy”.  If we want to change our destination, we have to decide where we want to go (what “happy clearly means to us”), and then program our trains of thought to go to that destination.

Does it take some effort and investment of our energy?  Of course.  Yet, consider the benefits.

Its worked wonders for me! Would you love to start fresh?

If so, click here to schedule a complimentary session. The train to your new destination awaits!

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