The Conductor

I once heard a story about a woman who went to the symphony.  She noticed the discordant cacophony of sound as the musicians were tuning and warming up.  Then, at a certain point, amongst all of that chaos, the conductor, picked up his baton and went “tap, tap, tap” on the podium.  The musicians stopped what they were doing, became quiet and were ready to begin.

The woman later asked one of the musicians how she could hear the conductor’s baton in all of that sound.  And the musician replied: “oh, we’re always listening for the tap, tap, tap of the conductor”.

I love that story because there is chaos all around that we are constantly negotiating.  Traffic, machines, people, animals… And, there is the chaos of thoughts from the voice in the head incessantly commenting, judging and otherwise chatting away…

Yet if we attune, amidst all of the cacophony of sound and chaos around and within us, there is the “tap, tap, tap” of a kinder, more supportive voice.

It’s the voice of our inner knowing or intuition and as Ghandi once said, it “speaks to us every day and is as loud as our willingness to listen”.

So, if your day or world feels and seems chaotic, busy, stressed or somewhat out of control, take a moment to take a deep breath.  Get calm and listen for the “tap, tap, tap” of your own inner voice – the voice for Truth.  When we get quiet and ask, it has answers we seek.

We each have the power to take up our own baton and be the conductor in our own symphony called life.

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May you more fully experience and enjoy the harmony and music seeking to express through YOU!

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