Testimonials and Recommendations – Notes of Thanks and Appreciation

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  • Eve has the passion, knowledge and skill to make a difference in the lives of so many.  If you need to connect with your purpose, align your goals, and enjoy your life and business more fully, enroll with Eve. She’s the real deal.–Rosemarie Barnes, www.confidentstages.com

  • Very good presentation, interesting.  I’m impressed with how natural and engaging you are on-screen (because interacting with a screen isn’t intuitive!)–John Gravel, Legal Counsel, Ottawa, Ontario

  • During the past nine years, Eve has been an active sounding board for me both personally and professionally.  Her expert training and life’s experience combine with her intuitive essence, which has opened a trustworthy connection in a safe environment for me to share.  After each session my situation has become clear, which has enabled me to make decisions that result in good outcomes.–Susan Sparkes, President and Founder of The EXTRAordinary Women Inc.

  • You are an inspiring mentor. Thank-you for believing in me and helping me see and realize my full potential. You truly have a gift and will definitely make a positive difference in the lives of many, as you have done in my life.–Jennifer Mbang, Lawyer, Ontario Canada

  • “I used to live in a room full of mirrors, and all I could see was me…” Jimi Hendrix. Then I met Eve… Thanks for your patience and perseverance. It has been a pleasure working with you.–H.S., Toronto, Canada

  • About 2 years ago I was going through a difficult period, feeling quite disillusioned with [the law] profession…. We spoke a few times …. The purpose of today’s email is to let you know how grateful I am to you … I’m not sure I would have had the ability to stick things out if we hadn’t had that conversation.–G.K., Lawyer, Ontario Canada

  • Are you ready to make changes to live your dream? Eve has the tools to help you get there! AMAZING!.–Anna Turchio, Oakville, Canada

  • Eve is clearly knowledgeable in her field;  she speaks with authority and passion on her subject. I found her session very informative and insightful. Thank you for the learning Eve!–Katy Green, Centred Excellence, www.centredexcellence.co.uk

  • Wow, thank you for your generosity. These are great suggestions – you just cranked them out! … I appreciate your kindness and support.–L.Y. Lifestyle Coach, Tennessee USA

  • Thanks for all your help on this. You definitely have a gift for sensing the “rightness” in a situation.–Z.K., bank executive

  • As Eve approached the podium I felt a sense of power, joy and calmness coming from within her that I instantly wanted to listen. As I listened I felt empowered by her message and grateful that I was in her presence. She spoke from her heart to my heart and her message helped me to move to a new level of embracing my self-worth. Thank you so much for your life-transforming message and for speaking with such level of mastery. I am forever grateful.–Gloria Ramirez, Pembroke Pines, FL, USA

  • Your presentation was absolutely inspiring! And I very much appreciate your willingness to share your personal experience with us – it really helps to put things into context and make them more relevant.–K.G., Lawyer, Ontario Canada

  • Eve is an inspirational speaker that captivates her audience with her message.–Mark A. Reiger, MD, Pediatric Orthopedist
  • Eve is that rare type of speaker that will inspire you to take action!–Wade Randolph, President of Randolph Unlimited

  • Eve has had a tremendous impact on my life as a teacher, role model and friend. She has enriched my life professionally and personally. Eve is happy to share the secrets of her success and provide others with the tools they need to remain balanced, healthy and at ease. She is approachable, compassionate and insightful. If you feel disconnected with yourself or your direction in life, I highly suggest that you reach out to Eve.–Akash D. Brijpaul, Lawyer, Ontario Canada

  • Eve is a wonderful friend, listener, and coach.  She has guided me through difficult and sensitive situations.–W.L. General Counsel, Ontario Canada

  • Eve‘s enthusiasm for the law, kind attitude and supportive ear were a welcome comfort during a stressful time.–Mike Bryan, Lawyer, Ontario Canada

  • Eve was a fantastic mentor.–anonymous Lawyer, Ontario Canada

  • When Eve marked my self-assessment, she realized that I was motivating myself negatively. With her help, I was able to let go of some illogical thoughts.–anonymous Lawyer, Ontario Canada
  • I know very well how lucky I was to have Eve as my mentor.  The time and effort that she put in for me cannot be reciprocated.–anonymous Lawyer, Ontario Canada

  • Through Eve’s coaching I have been able to transform my life.  She helped me learn to see my challenges as opportunities for growth and her coaching has allowed me to improve my living situation, my health and relationships. I highly recommend Eve Wahn as a life coach.–Suzy I, Toronto, Canada



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