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Reflections on Garbage Thoughts

I really appreciate the services we have for garbage here in Canada.  A truck comes once a week and picks up old stuff and garbage and takes it to wherever it goes – the dump mostly I believe. 

Awhile back I was taking the garbage bins to the curb for pickup, and it caused me reflect. 

Do you ever have garbage thoughts? You know – ones that are limiting, unsavory, old, ugly, rotten, or that you’ve just plain outgrown or really ...

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The Conductor

I once heard a story about a woman who went to the symphony.  She noticed the discordant cacophony of sound as the musicians were tuning and warming up.  Then, at a certain point, amongst all of that chaos, the conductor, picked up his baton and went “tap, tap, tap” on the podium.  The musicians stopped what they were doing, became quiet and were ready to begin.

The woman later asked one of the musicians how she could hear the conductor’s baton in all of that sound.  And the ...

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Back of the Bus

Last year I visited the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, and sat in the seat where Rosa Parks sat.  Now, I’m Canadian and we have a different collective story, though one no less challenging to some in that way.

Rosa Parks’ stand for refusing to go to the back of the bus is a stand that each and every one of us can make. 

On a personal level, we must take a stand to command our own minds if we are to truly live lives that we love ...

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You are Unique!

Do you sometimes compare yourself to others? 

People say, “well that’s normal”.  Maybe it is…

I don’t know how you feel yet whenever I fall into comparison “mode” it doesn’t feel very good.  So why is that?

When we compare, we are looking at someone’s outer results from a lens and our own feelings of inadequacy.  That’s pretty strange, if you think about it. 

Do flowers compare themselves to others? Other animals? I suspect not.

Now, comparison despair is very different than looking at others results, celebrating them and aspiring to ...

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Eve Wahn presents at LSO conference

I was recently privileged to present a workshop, “The Power of Vision: 3 Keys to Creating the Practice (and Life) You Love”, to a full capacity room at the 14th Solo & Small Firm Conference of the Ontario Law Society. Like others, many lawyers are living life by default rather than design. We (like others) often have a mindset that says, “work harder” or “work smarter”. Yet push energy can only take us so far. ...

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Eve Wahn presented to RNAO – Peel Region

I had the honour and privilege to be asked to speak at the Self Care Workshop offered by the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario – Peel Region, the evening of June 18, 2019.

My presentation was followed by yoga, which turned out to be a fabulous combination!

Despite being the first warm evening of the year, 35 attended from across the Greater Toronto Area.

Thanks to the organizers for a great event!

If you are interested in booking Eve to speak at ...

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Lunch ‘n Learn Webinar

Hi friends,

I’m hosting another Lunch ‘n Learn webinar on Zoom.

If you’d love some planning suggestions for an amazing 2019 and beyond, join in.

Here’s the description on Eventbrite:

If you’d like to discover what you’d love next for your life, OR see different results in your health, relationships, work, or time and money freedom, come discover the art and science of creating a life you’d love!

During this dynamic and fun 30 minute webinar you’ll learn 2 essential keys to creating a vision for your ...

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