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Another tool to deal with fear, doubt and worry…

Recently I was giving a Q&A talk and was asked this question: How do you shift from fear, doubt or worry?

My response? The fastest way to shift our state, regardless of what it is, is through GRATITUDE.

Now, that may seem challenging in the situation we find ourselves. Everyone is isolating, and life is certainly not what we’ve known as “normal”.  Yet this is not necessarily gratitude for the situation we find ourselves in, though there ...

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Letting go to make way for the new –

We all know or at least have heard that we have to let go of the old to make room for the new.  This is the basis for a number of businesses – from Fung Shui and decluttering to recycling, consignment and “pre-owned” stores.

We refresh our bodies with sleep, and most of us cleanse regularly.

Yet what about our thoughts – particularly about past experiences that are painful, sad, hurtful or otherwise challenging?  Most of us haven’t thought of letting those ...

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Dog Days of Summer

We are now into the last few weeks of the traditional “summer holidays” in Canada, and the back to school vibe is already here.

Have you taken time to relax and refresh over the last few months?  

Now, don’t get me wrong, action is essential to build lives we’d love.  Yet there is inspired action, and there is action based in old patterns of thought.

Up until a few years ago, much of my life was dominated by push energy.  I didn’t know any different. I was ...

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The Envelopes

Pretend that someone is handing you 2 envelopes.

In the first is the list of benefits you receive by taking greater and greater command of your thoughts.  You are now a creator and are creating a life you would absolutely love – a life you design. 

In the second envelop is a list of consequences that result when we allow our thoughts to wander along the same paths they have been trained to be on – paths of not measuring up, of fear, doubt, worry, ...

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Lunch ‘n Learn Webinar

Hi friends,

I’m hosting another Lunch ‘n Learn webinar on Zoom.

If you’d love some planning suggestions for an amazing 2019 and beyond, join in.

Here’s the description on Eventbrite:

If you’d like to discover what you’d love next for your life, OR see different results in your health, relationships, work, or time and money freedom, come discover the art and science of creating a life you’d love!

During this dynamic and fun 30 minute webinar you’ll learn 2 essential keys to creating a vision for your ...

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I found this photograph of a wild rose (by Dennis Jarvis).  The rose is beautiful, isn’t it?

When we experience beauty, it is because we are attuned to its frequency.  And, the more we tune into beauty, the more we experience it.

In many respects this wild rose represents the programs and coaching I offer.

You will create a vision that aligns with your values and then take steps to build that dream vision.  This requires and you will learn to attune to ...

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