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Letting go to make way for the new –

We all know or at least have heard that we have to let go of the old to make room for the new.  This is the basis for a number of businesses – from Fung Shui and decluttering to recycling, consignment and “pre-owned” stores.

We refresh our bodies with sleep, and most of us cleanse regularly.

Yet what about our thoughts – particularly about past experiences that are painful, sad, hurtful or otherwise challenging?  Most of us haven’t thought of letting those ...

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You are Unique!

Do you sometimes compare yourself to others? 

People say, “well that’s normal”.  Maybe it is…

I don’t know how you feel yet whenever I fall into comparison “mode” it doesn’t feel very good.  So why is that?

When we compare, we are looking at someone’s outer results from a lens and our own feelings of inadequacy.  That’s pretty strange, if you think about it. 

Do flowers compare themselves to others? Other animals? I suspect not.

Now, comparison despair is very different than looking at others results, celebrating them and aspiring to ...

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