Eve offers programs in full-day, half-day and customized formats for meetings, trainings, events, workshops, retreats, and keynote speeches.


From somewhat of a rough start as an infant, Eve became a Springboard and 10 meter Tower Diver, a Lawyer with one of Canada’s top law firms, and an entrepreneur lawyer, mentor, advisor, coach and speaker.

As a mentor, coach and speaker Eve inspires people with the formula she used to change a path that was unfulfilling to one that is more joyful and aligned with purpose. During her events, you will have the opportunity to dream in a new way, and if you choose to work more closely with Eve, to take inspired action to create a richer, happier and more fulfilling life.

Eve knew from a young age that what she saw around her could not be all there was to life – she knew in her heart there had to be more. Through a profound healing journey she sought clarity and in the process, gained an understanding of spiritual dimensions that have been withheld from the mainstream or considered esoteric, and simple quantum physics as it applies and relates to our everyday experience.

You may be aware that reality is much more than what we understand through our 5 senses. At the same time, many people feel they are working and contributing to a system made by those whose values they no longer share. As a result they may feel more like cogs in the wheel than creative beings.

Yet we each have a desire to contribute and have entered a profound evolutionary time where we have the opportunity to wake up to the systems that enroll us, and consciously take command of and create our future. Whether or not we do this is a choice.

Eve’s signature events and talks center around each person becoming clear on the ways they can contribute to their families, communities and humanity from joy and positive engagement, to brighten, heal, uplift and restore. Whether one focuses on the work one does or personal life is immaterial – it contributes to creating what some call the “new world”.

3 Keys to Greater Joy

During this dynamic and fun training you’ll be given insights to refine and design your life to one that is more fulfilling and joyful.

stress management, feeling strung out

You’ll learn:

  • Why having an overall vision for your life is the basis for greater health, happiness and resilience.
  • TWO essential keys to help you gain clarity on this vision.
  • Simple strategies to use when you encounter doubt, fear or worry.
  • ONE skill you can use to turn around sabotaging thoughts or a rear facing view of circumstances or life.
  • That there is a process to unlock and create a clear path to achieve your dreams, and…
  • Much more!

This event has been accredited by the Law Society of Ontario, in several formats.

Whether it’s a short talk, a ‘Lunch & Learn’ or motivational keynote, your people will “THANK YOU” for both the inspiration and content.

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Here’s what people are saying…

“Thanks again for working with us to prepare ahead of time, modifying your schedule and helping make this a success for our group.” –John Gravel, Legal Counsel, Ottawa, ON

Eve has the passion, knowledge and skill to make a difference in the lives of so many.  If you need to connect with your purpose, align with your goals and enjoy your life and business more fully, enroll with Eve. She’s the real deal.–Rosemarie Barnes, www.confidentstages.com

“Eve is clearly knowledgable in her field; she speaks with authority and passion on her subject. I found her session very informative and insightful.  Thank you for the learning Eve!”–Katy Green, Centred Excellence, www.centredexcellence.co.uk

“As Eve approached the podium I felt such a sense of power, joy and calmness coming from within her that I instantly wanted to listen. She spoke from her heart to mine and her message helped me to move to a new level of embracing my self-worth. Thank you so much for your life-transforming message. I am forever grateful.”–Gloria Ramirez, Florida

Your presentation was absolutely inspiring! And I very much appreciate your willingness to share your personal experience with us – it really helps to put things into context and make them more relevant.”–K.G., Ontario lawyer

“Eve is an inspirational speaker that captivates her audience with her message.”–Mark A. Reiger, MD, Pediatric Orthopedist, USA

Eve is that rare type of speaker that will inspire you to take action!”–Wade Randolph, President of Randolph Unlimited, USA