Resilience Tip No. 3

Resilience in the Era of COVID – and any time for that matter!

Hi there!  Today I’m going to share with you a third tip to be more resilient.
So that we are on the same page, when I use the word ‘resilience’, I’m using Wiki’s definition which is: 1) the capacity to recover quickly; 2) an ability to adjust easily to change; or 3) the ability to spring back.

 This quote by the Dalai Lama made me laugh: “If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

 Which that brings me to Tip No. 3 which is: to increase resilience, turn up the FUN!

When we are happy and having fun, we are naturally resilient.

Look at children when they are having fun – they are more creative and carefree. Walk into a room with people having fun and its infectious in a good way.  

When we build fun into our lives on a daily basis, we literally lighten up.  Our moods brighten and we have greater access to creative ideas on a level unavailable to us in a down or stressed mood or state.

Now fun is very personal.  It can be physical play, or reading or watching something that is fun or strikes as funny, or we can simply find some humour in our everyday experience.  Something happens at work that is frustrating or not to your preference? If possible (and of course it isn’t always that way) look for the humour and both you and those around will thank you for it.
So much more is possible when we are having fun!

I certainly do my best to bring fun into my workshops and webinars.

Speaking of which, I have an ANNOUNCEMENT! If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, tired, you’d love to be more resilient or that there just has to be more to life (you’re right), register for my upcoming online workshop on November 14, 2020.

During this powerful workshop, you’ll learn:

  • A transformational tool to set intentions,
  • A simple process to achieve new goals,
  • A way to align with your personal internal GPS system,
  • Simple strategies to use when you encounter doubt, fear or worry, and
  • So much more!

You will have the opportunity to tune into the infinite intelligence that is in all things, and powerfully supporting you too. And, you will leave with a roadmap you can use going forward!

Register here.

 Here’s to you building the life you love living, regardless of the circumstance, situation or condition you may be facing.
– Eve

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