Resilience Tip No. 2

Hi there!  Today I’m going to share with you a second tip to be more resilient.
When I use the word ‘resilience’, I’m using Wiki’s definition which is: 1) the capacity to recover quickly; 2) an ability to adjust easily to change; or 3) the ability to spring back.
I love this quote by Neale Donald Walsch: “The struggle ends when gratitude begins.
Which brings me to Tip No. 2: to increase resilience, choose to be grateful on a daily basis.
Gratitude is a key to resilience.

When we practice being grateful on a daily basis, we start to focus on the good rather than what is missing. And that can help not only each one of us but also the world right now.
So much more is possible when we are feeling resilient!
You’ve heard me say that “what we focus on expands”. And, I know that if you focus on a cup, it likely isn’t going to expand and explode! Yet, the focus or tenor of our predominant thoughts sets up our feelings, whether expansive and what we might call happy and “good”, or contractive, and full of stress, anxiety and fear. And our words and actions follow.
Resilience is like a muscle. And as with physical exercise, a daily practice of gratitude means we become stronger within, happier and therefore more resilience.  Unlike exercise though (you may be happy to know :), in only a few moments you can shift your entire day with the ripple effect beyond.
So, what are you grateful for or in this day? Send me a note or comment.
Here’s to you building the life you love living, regardless of the circumstance, situation or condition you may be facing.
– Eve

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