Reflections on Garbage Thoughts

I really appreciate the services we have for garbage here in Canada.  A truck comes once a week and picks up old stuff and garbage and takes it to wherever it goes – the dump mostly I believe. 

Awhile back I was taking the garbage bins to the curb for pickup, and it caused me reflect. 

Do you ever have garbage thoughts? You know – ones that are limiting, unsavory, old, ugly, rotten, or that you’ve just plain outgrown or really don’t want anymore?

Most of us have or come across some garbage thoughts or feelings every day.  Some of us even allow them to ruminate for quite a while there, until they impact our lives in a not so pleasing way….

At that time, I’d been having some old, worn-out thoughts about myself so decided to leave a particularly unsavory one in the bin where it could be picked up with the rest of the garbage.

Whew! That felt better… And I started walking back to the house.

Yet before I knew it, the garbage thought I’d left outside was back inside my mind.  “Hey! I said… I left you out with the garbage… how did you get here again!”

Have you ever decided to no longer think of something and within moments or so, it’s back?

There’s a process to shift that. The first step is to start to notice them. From there you can choose whether or not to keep thinking them or decide to engage in more pleasant thoughts. There’s also chemistry in the brain linked to those garbage thoughts so it will take some effort and support is helpful. 

The good news is: it’s possible!  I’ve done it and so can you!

And in doing so, life becomes a lot more pleasant! 😉

If you’d like to refresh your self and take any garbage thoughts out to the curb for the last time, click here to schedule your complimentary strategy session. You’ll be glad you did!

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