No Private Thought

There is no private thought –

We walk around with our thoughts all day and sometimes all night long, speaking only a portion of them out loud.

Yet are you aware that there are no private thoughts?  The Universe hears every thought you and I think. And if that is too much for the scientists in the crowd, we do know that at the very least it registers the frequency of the thought.  We are broadcasting all the time – from whatever channel we are on. 

We might be on the happy thought channel and broadcasting “happy”.  Or, we may be in the “seriously don’t mess with me” or drama channels. 

Either way, when we walk into a room people can sense the channel we are on.  I’m sure you know what I mean.  You’ve likely walked into a room at some point, either at home or work and “read” the temperature.  You weren’t looking at a thermometer – you were sussing out the feel of it, and deciding who to approach or where to sit from there. Maybe you even turned around and walked the other way!

Some have likened thoughts to seeds. When we plant apple seeds, an apple tree will grow.   Apple seeds produce apple trees. They won’t produce an oak or pear tree.  Now of course that sounds ridiculous.  Yet, it’s the same with thought seeds.  If we think happy thoughts, the chemistry in our bodies responds, our physical bodies reflect that outwardly and we likely to produce happy experiences. Try being in a bad mood while smiling.

If our thoughts are predominantly negative or constrictive, we will produce experiences and circumstances that we may not prefer.  Know what I’m talk’n about?  Of course you do.  We’ve all had these “seasons”.  Sometimes they are short in duration, and other times we get caught in negative or limited thinking for longer periods – perhaps triggered by a dark night of the soul experience.

We may not be able to change our history, yet we can change our thoughts around a situation and perception of it.  By doing so we can absolutely change the trajectory of our future.

We can absolutely awaken and experience a more fulfilling, abundant and happy life. And, if you’d like to learn a proven system for doing so, click here to contact me.  You’ll be glad you did!

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