Eve’s New Focus!

Hi there, I’m back!!!

After writing the previous entry, I went through a time when I felt stuck, uninspired and was unable to put pen to paper.  Have you ever felt that way?

Well… during the past year, the focus for my coaching has taken a wonderful new and more expansive direction.

I’ve become certified as a coach – a DreamBuilder Coach!  I’m now giving vision workshops and presentations, and coaching lawyers (primarily), executives and professionals to create a vision for their life, and then take steps to build that dream.  I’m also now working with both men and women.

So, welcome to the wonderful world of DreamBuilding – envisioning and building the life you would love to live!  I’m working the principles and content myself and having wonderful results.  Would you like to join me?

I’ll be adding content here from time to time.  Feel free to add your thoughts or contact me.

All my best, Eve


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