Letting go to make way for the new –

We all know or at least have heard that we have to let go of the old to make room for the new.  This is the basis for a number of businesses – from Fung Shui and decluttering to recycling, consignment and “pre-owned” stores.

We refresh our bodies with sleep, and most of us cleanse regularly.

Yet what about our thoughts – particularly about past experiences that are painful, sad, hurtful or otherwise challenging?  Most of us haven’t thought of letting those go.  We feel they are part of us – after all they are or were our experiences.  They are part of our “journey”; our “story”, aren’t they.

Yet why keep recycling experiences that are painful or challenging?  Why keep them alive?  I’d been dragging around a few painful stories so was considering this for myself at one time.

As I was going through the experiences, I didn’t have the level of awareness I now have so the choices I made reflected the level of awareness I had then.  Yet why was I continuing to entertain the stories in my mind, keep them alive, give them meaning and define the way I engage with the world?

I’ve noticed that my perception of the world or a situation indicates the vibration I’m seeing with – the channel I’m on.  If I’m sad or unhappy, I experience life through the lens of “sad” and everything will have that colour to it.  If I’d prefer another experience, I have to first change my perception or state. 

What is really wonderful is that we can do this for experiences we’ve had (frame our past in a new way), those we’re having now, and even events we’re going to experience.

When we reframe our stories, our whole world opens up.  Energy that was blocked or constricted is now free to move, and is available for what we’d love to create.

Its challenging to create a new future if we are dragging old stories with us. They’ll weigh us down or distort what we might love to do or achieve and creating any new result will take more effort. 

So, if you’d love to let the baggage of your past go and begin to create a new, happy future, click here to schedule a complimentary strategy session.

You’ll be glad you did!

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