Its time! Now’s the time for you to align with your Purpose, Awaken, Rise and Shine!

The first new moon for 2021 is January 12 or 13 (depending where in the world you live).

Some folks may not pay attention to the cycles of the moon, yet those on the frontlines of healthcare know that full moon times can be more dramatic than other times of the month.

I love to set intentions aligned with the new moon cycles – more so that by the clocks and calendars we work with. I find a more natural rhythm that way. So, if you set an intention for 2021 or “missed it” this is your opportunity!

If you could wave a wand and its now December 31, 2021, what would you love to have created for and in your life this year?

Most people live their entire lives by default rather than by design. But you don’t have to. Set your intention, and then take actions in the direction of it.

It can be a great year if you choose – one of inspiration, light and creating the life you’d love!

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