Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day! This is such a beautiful day and the only full day where we celebrate LOVE on this beautiful planet. When I was little, we’d make and give valentine cards to our friends. At some point people started giving cards or gifts only to a romantic interest. What a shame THAT was! Since when is love limited to romance?! LOVE is actually who we ARE, not what we feel or give. So, let’s celebrate LOVE! I know that at times we may “pooh pooh” and want to ignore the whole thing. If that’s the case we are focusing on and feeling lack, rather than the LOVE that is truly all around us. So, let’s celebrate LOVE in all its forms and expressions. First and foremost, let’s each love our own Self, and share that love by a smile, word, gift or deed with at least 1 person (in addition to your significant other or family (if you have them). You’ll be glad you did! If you’d love to celebrate your SELF and gain clarity or strategies on building a life you’d love, book a complimentary strategy session:

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