Happy Mother’s Day!

What a wonderful day to celebrate Mothers, nurturers, and yes! Mother Earth! Here are 3 fast ways to celebrate Mothers and the Nurturers among us –

Most people who are in the “pause” mode are managing and becoming rather acclimatized to being in or around our homes.  Human beings are a pretty acclimatizing bunch.  Yet its a strange time we’re in when we go out only for groceries and the like, and THAT feels like a major deal.

Have you noticed that you have a desire to “stay away” from other folks while you’re out?  Its as if there’s FEAR in the air with a sign above everyone’s head that says: “DANGER! STAY AWAY!”  While some are looking about, many of us seem wary, as if a kind look or glance is will infect us with the virus. I know its subconscious, yet its starting to be more prevalent. We’ve stopped most human contact other than through our screens where it feel safe.  Yet that is the opposite of nurturing each other, isn’t it.

Now please don’t interpret this as my suggesting people go out and hug everyone we see.  Each person ought to take the precautions appropriate to them.

What I am saying is that unless we become aware of it, we may unconsciously react to it and withdraw from others, without being aware that we are doing this.

So, on this day of celebration for Mothers, I thought I’d provide some ideas for nurturing ourselves.  What better than a dose of love and fun?! 

We know that fun raises our spirits.  Do you also know that it shifts the chemistry in your body?  In the current fear state that many of us are running 24/7 and become acclimatized to, our brains produce cortisol.  Cortisol is an immune suppressant. (Just what we need at this point right? – Not!)

Instead and when we are happy and having fun, our brains produce oxytocin (the love hormone), which is also associated with the rest, digest and relax functions of the body, and supportive of the immune system.  So, raising our Spirits on a regular basis is important.

Here are 3 quick ways to do that and shift from fear (a funky or bad mood, worry, anxiety, anger, irritation or whatever your go-too has become) to a happier, more peaceful state:

  • Dance or do a physical activity that you enjoy.  The key is enjoy! 

As some of you know, I have a dance studio in my home. I love going in there to move around, sing, do some yoga, stretching and workout. It moves my energy apart from helping me keep in shape. I’m always happier and feel better if I’ve done some movement in the day (other than commuting from my bedroom – to the kitchen – to the living room – to my office – oh and back to the kitchen – and over to the fridge and etc. etc. etc… I suspect you know what I mean…).

What works for you?

  • Find something to be grateful for or in. 

Even in this situation we can find something for or in which we are grateful. In doing so, we are focusing on the good rather than what is going wrong.  I can’t overstate the importance of this enough.  If you notice, once you start down the path of news or something that’s bothering you, its like you’ve slid down a rabbit hole and are having tea with the Mad Hatter. By the time you come to realize it, you’re usually well along the path to being out of sorts!  So, if you notice you are not your happy self, consciously choose to focus your attention on something you’re grateful in or for – even if its only that you have running water!  If you allow yourself to really get into the feeling of it, you’ll find that your mood has shifted.

  • And 3rd, do something that is FUN for you.

SPIRIT LOVES FUN! If you can’t think of anything fun do do, then think of something funny and LAUGH OUT LOUD! If you allow yourself, you’ll soon feel much lighter. Have you ever heard of the laughing Buddha? If it worked for the Buddha, I dare say it will work for us!

So there you have a few ideas to help you lighten up, celebrate the nurturer and LOVE in all forms.

NOTE:  All humor aside, I can’t understate the importance of maintaining a positive outlook in this time, my friends.  Its essential for our health and well-being, our Spirits and our future.

As ever, feel free to reach out.  Just send me an email and we’ll connect.

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EnJOY a beautiful day!

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