Git up or Git out –

I saw a post on Facebook, a few months ago, where a man was dancing to a tune.  He looked like he was having a lot of fun.  I then started to see others dancing to the same tune.

I got interested in watching some of them.  Everyone appeared to be having fun, and each had their own “spin” – their own unique expression, though the tune was the same. It was the “Git Up Challenge”.  Did you see it?

Not long after, I started to notice the tune was constantly in my head. I believe its called an “earworm”.  Sometimes it would be in the foreground and other times I’d be thinking thoughts and it would be running in the background.  How weird.

I’d successfully patterned the brain to repeat back to me what I had consciously (or unconsciously) told it I was interested.  We are doing this all the time.  And while a simple example and innocuous on many levels, it’s also profound.

What we think about over and over becomes a train of thought.  Like songs, words and trains of thought have a vibration to them which we are emitting at all times.  Call it our “vibe”. 

We have a choice in our predominant vibe, along with the thoughts we allow to walk down the “streets of our mind”.  I got tired of the particular tune and rather than “git up” I decided it was time for it to “git out”.  This tune, though had some momentum to it.

The big “ah ha” for me is how quickly we can unconsciously install a program of thought on the vibe of entertainment, and the conscious effort required to replace it with thoughts that are designed to move us forward.

It’s the difference between living life by default and consciously creating a life by design.

How are you living your life?

If by default and you’re tired of that, click here to schedule a complimentary strategy session.

You’ll be glad you did.

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