Finishing Strong

Here we are in the month of November and some folks are engaged in planning for next year.  On January 1 we not only step into a new year – we step into a new decade.


So, I’d like to ask you a question:  what are you planning so that you complete this year strong and enter the new decade with momentum?  Do you have a vision for that, and what you’d like to achieve? If so, what is it?

Or, have you decided that there isn’t much time left so you’ll get going in the New Year?  If this is the case, I invite you to reconsider.  It takes more gas to start a vehicle than it does to continue its movement forward. That principle of energy is the same, whether in machines or human beings.

This is your time to build momentum and enter 2020 with anticipation based on more than a whim and a prayer.

Now I’m not suggesting you don’t pray, if that is your desire.  What I am suggesting is that you tune into what you’d like to experience and achieve, and then take inspired action towards that every day.  What would bring you satisfaction, joy, feelings of success or accomplishment? What would you like to achieve?  Do you know? 

Knowing what we want is the first step.  Then, its action time.

Baby steps generate progress and will take you up the mountain of your choice, in time.  Yet, many of us will end up sidetracked by circumstances and situations despite our best intentions.  Situations or thoughts will appear in our day, and like shiny objects they will distract or delay.  We may believe we have to focus on them, and before we know it, find ourselves sidetracked from the desired goal or path, sometimes for a period of time, and have to find our way back.  We end up spending the energy equivalent of climbing several mountains, instead of one.

If you’d like to engage in what I call “Advanced Decision-Making” to finish this decade strong and have a strong game plan for the new decade of 2020, contact me for a complimentary session.  Honestly? You’ll be glad you did!

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