Feeling uncertain? Stuck? Love some inspiration?

Do you find yourself sometimes (or often) thinking in either/or terms? Like… I can do this or that, I can have this or that, I can eat this or that…?

Many of us have learned to look to our outside circumstances or a situation and let it tell us what we can or can’t do.

And that doesn’t feel empowering, does it?!

What if this were, in truth, a backward way of looking at things.  What if there were another way – one that is more empowering.  Would that interest you?

Well, there is another way!  There is a “yes, and” way of being and making decisions that is completely empowering and generative.

It all starts with the powerful question: “what would you love?”

Now, when I first started in the personal development field, now over 30 years ago, I had no idea how to access that.  It sounded corny!  “Love?” Seriously. It sounded dopey to me.

You see, most us try to access inspiration through the thinking mind.  And if you’re wondering what part of the mind that is, it’s the one asking that question.  You know it as the voice that is always telling you what to do, barking orders, and running your life.  That voice comes from a part of the mind that stores information, and can only look at our history and memories, or the storage files we have.  It’s like going to amazon S3 – an online storage vault – giving it instructions that you want something and it will be retrieved.  Or, if you don’t know about amazon S3, then think of google or another search engine on the internet.  The thinking mind is not the source of inspiration, and has no access to it.

All inspiration touches us first in our hearts, and then to the mind for action.

Recently, I was a presenter on a webinar, where a woman asked about strategies to “find out what we love”.  This is a “how” question which is the least powerful of all questions.  We can’t “find” it.  Trying to find inspiration is asking the thinking mind for that – its not programmed for that.  All it can find is what we already know. So that question takes us down the wrong road – into the storage files of our mind where there are no new answers. 

Thomas Edison often went to what he called the “land of the solution.  He knew that “thinking about” something would not bring new ideas.  The “lightbulb” moments (sorry, I couldn’t resist) came in another way.

My first response was for this participant to ask herself a “what” question: “what would I love” – not what can I afford, what do others think I ought to do, not what does my education, bank account or other circumstances say I can do.  What would I love?!

So, what would you love? What lights you up? Brings a smile to your face? These are clues. As we indulge in these, more ideas will flow.

And if you have found that challenging up until now, consider giving yourself permission to daydream, spend time or take a walk in nature and leave the smartphone home.  If you live in a city or town, go out into a park or where there is grass/soil (rather than concrete). It wasn’t that long ago when we would go off for hours and nobody thought anything of it.  Most people wouldn’t think if meditating with their phone with them.  And if you’ve started (I know it has a timer…) consider putting it in the next room! The technology prevents us from aligning our true nature, and accessing inspiration.

Those are just a few suggestions.

And why is all this important anyway?

Today many people are feeling uncertain and afraid.  Having a vision for your life and living from that vision is a foundation for resilience, health and wellness (happiness, abundance, and… and… and…).

So, if you’re intrigued and would love to dream and then create your dreams join me on November 14th, 2020 for an online workshop called, “The Vision Workshop:  3 Keys to Boost your Resilience and Results.

During this powerful workshop, you’ll learn:

  • A transformational tool to discover what you’d love and set intentions,
  • A simple process to achieve new goals,
  • A way to align with your personal internal GPS system,
  • Simple strategies to use when you encounter doubt, fear or worry, and
  • So much more!

You’ll have the opportunity to tune into the infinite intelligence that is in all things, and powerfully supporting you too. And, you will leave with a roadmap you can use going forward!

Early Bird Tickets are available until November 7th, 2020. Grab your tickets here.

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