Desire is key to rise above Division

As many of us know, our beliefs about ourselves and the world are the lens through which we see and interpret our surroundings. In the world of duality and opposites, there’s always another side to the story or as we used to say, the “beachball”. (Where I grew up, we played with large blow-up plastic beachballs. Each ball had 6 different colored panels so when you were holding it, one side had 3 colors (say red, black and green), and the other had 3 other colors (perhaps white, blue and yellow). Just as with the beachball, a situation may look one way from one side, and very different from the other side. We can never know all of what is going on from our vantage point. Yet we can also choose to rise above, and from that higher perspective and desire for greater awareness, we can see and understand more.

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