Are you looking for greater joy, purpose or fulfillment?

Many of us manage well in our day to day lives.  Some of us are highly accomplished in a number of areas.  Yet we still sense there’s something more to life.  Sometimes we think, “if I just do more”, or “have more” or… Yet underneath, if we’re honest with ourselves, we know that won’t solve it.  So what is it?

My Spirit always wanted to be free.  Yours does too!being authentic

Yet what does that look like?  And how do we go about it?

The best way to experience the joy, happiness and fulfillment we are all looking for is to embody our dreams!

Unfortunately it usually requires a change in mindset, and some support (and some folks believe they can do it on their own… yet think about it… if that were true you’d already be living that dream)!

What’s even better?  It’s fun!

Each month I offer a limited number of personal sessions to help people gain greater clarity on their purpose or a vision for their life.  They fill up so if you’re interested:


“Eve has been an active sounding board for me both personally and professionally.  Her expert training and life’s experience combine with her intuitive essence, which has opened a trustworthy connection in a safe environment for me to share.  After each session my situation has become clear, which has enabled me to make decisions that result in good outcomes.”–Susan Sparkes, President and Founder of The EXTRAordinary Women Inc.

“Thank-you for believing in me and helping me see and realize my full potential. You truly have a gift and will definitely make a positive difference in the lives of many, as you have done in my life.”–Jennifer Mbang, Ontario lawyer

Not convinced?

Our true Spirit and who we really are differs from who we “think” we are.  It is often buried underneath a number of layers and labels we wear and roles we play.authentic, stress management

While the work-life balance issue has been on our agendas for years, finding balance is often a struggle.  While we do our best, on the inside we may feel unhappy, stressed, isolated, anxious or even afraid while looking and acting perfectly together.

We may make some positive changes and then encounter resistance.  Sometimes we get stuck, or lose focus and traction.  We say “that’s the way that it is”, or resort to addictions: become a workaholic, resort to emotional eating habits, alcohol, smoking, drugs, exercise, sex, or just put on our game face so we can function.

Could it be that something is missing?

Once we have a clear vision of what we want to create, we can take steps.  Yet, sometimes we get stuck wondering what action is the “right” one.

Can you relate?

Our entire school system teaches us to look outside ourselves – to other “authorities” for answers.  When we do receive an internal intuitive impulse, it’s faint and we unconsciously value it to be inferior to what others say, scientific analysis and rational thought.  We often discount the information because it isn’t backed in “fact”.  Yet, that knowing is our true voice.  It may not have outside facts and circumstances to back it up but if we follow the nudge, it will always steer us along the best path for us.

So my question to you is: are you really happy?

If not, what are you waiting for?

Could it just be that you’ve learned and believe in the “either/or” scenario and believe there are always trade-offs in the “real” world? It doesn’t have to be that way!  This works if you engage with it.


“Wow. These are great suggestions – you just cranked them out! … I appreciate your kindness and support.”  – L.Y. Lifestyle Coach, Tennessee USA

“Thanks for all your help on this. You definitely have a gift for sensing the rightness in a situation.”  – Z.K., executive