Taking Command in your Life

AKA: Setting your internal weather system

March 2021

As I sat down to write this blog, I was noticing the way the light is starting to be brighter, and the sun is coming up earlier and setting a little later each day here in the northern hemisphere.  It’s a time when nature is announcing Spring, regardless of what the actual weather is doing.

Many of us are less connected with the natural rhythms of nature than we were even a few years ago ...

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The Gift for January: to restructure your Notion of Forgiveness from Framing to Freedom!

Hi everyone,

Normally for January I’d be writing about resolutions and becoming clear on what we would love to create for the year.  This year is different. 

I’ve noticed there seems to be a split going on in society.  Some folks are becoming more and more afraid, while others are focusing on healing and greater personal freedom.  This seems to be the case regardless of the level of “lock down” people are in and experiencing.  It’s showing up in many ways, including ...

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Love something new?

Are you looking for greater resilience?  If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, tired, that you’re on a hamster wheel or there just has to be MORE to life, join us for this event!

During this powerful online workshop, you’ll learn:

  • A transformational tool to set intentions,
  • A simple process to achieve new goals,
  • A way to align with your personal internal GPS system,
  • Simple strategies to use when you encounter doubt, fear or worry, and
  • So much more!

You will have the opportunity to tune into the infinite ...

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Fall and Winter Lockdown –

Let’s not lose the Joy!

We are now into the Fall season in Canada. I live in the country and nature all around is starting to prepare for winter.  I too am preparing, both the house and the property.  Yet this year is a little different.

Yesterday I had 2 experiences that struck me:

One was when I was cleaning my windows – that’s something I do in the Fall around here. Many folks might say that’s a Spring job, but with ...

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The more we copy or imitate others, the less we are ourselves.

A while ago I was watching snipits of the early auditions for American Idol.  A 17 year old came into the audition room and was asked who her influences were.  She mentioned an artist who was her “idol” and that she was signing a song by that artist.  After starting to sing, she was asked to stop almost immediately.  On her 3rd song choice, which happened to be from church, her real tone and personality came through.  The judges spoke ...

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Is it Time to Up Level? 3 Keys to Transforming your Life

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. – Albert Einstein #quote

If you resonate with this quote by Albert Einstein, are tired of where you’re at, concerned about your future, or would just love some fresh ideas, sign up for my FREE Workshop on Wednesday, May 13! You’ll learn ...

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What’s in a “pivot”? Re-visioning Your World after COVID-19

Last week, within a space of 2 days, I found myself involved in several conversations where the word “pivot” or “pivoting” was used.  I hadn’t heard that in a while.  New buzz words are here now, from “social distancing” (words that together might have been an oxymoron until COVID-19!), to “new normal”.  Pivoting is not new, and I’ve noticed that it tends to show up in times of change. It appears to have been resurrected as we find ways to ...

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Another tool to deal with fear, doubt and worry…

Recently I was giving a Q&A talk and was asked this question: How do you shift from fear, doubt or worry?

My response? The fastest way to shift our state, regardless of what it is, is through GRATITUDE.

Now, that may seem challenging in the situation we find ourselves. Everyone is isolating, and life is certainly not what we’ve known as “normal”.  Yet this is not necessarily gratitude for the situation we find ourselves in, though there ...

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3 Keys to Expanding Your Life in Challenging Times

Are you looking for inspiration or something positive given the current global situation? In a collective moment when the world seems chaotic, and many things are on pause, we have a unique opportunity to turn up the volume on what we know matters.  Its your time!

Join me for this life changing webinar.

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/x/3-keys-to-expanding-your-life-during-challenging-situations-registration-88686968109

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3 Ways to Use the COVID-19 Situation to Expand your Life

We are living in unprecedented times, and that requires an unprecedented response. It isn’t “business as usual”, and if we’re honest, we know the “as usual” will never be the same as pre-COVID-19.  This is a seminal moment.

Folks working in some sectors and industries are feeling stressed with too much work.  Others are feeling stressed by insufficient work and bills coming in. And there are unseen elements in all of it, generating more fear, worry and the like.

So, I (like ...

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