Lunch ‘n Learn Webinar

Hi friends,

I’m hosting another Lunch ‘n Learn webinar on Zoom.

If you’d love some planning suggestions for an amazing 2019 and beyond, join in.

Here’s the description on Eventbrite:

If you’d like to discover what you’d love next for your life, OR see different results in your health, relationships, work, or time and money freedom, come discover the art and science of creating a life you’d love!

During this dynamic and fun 30 minute webinar you’ll learn 2 essential keys to creating a vision for your ...

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Eve’s New Focus!

Hi there, I’m back!!!

After writing the previous entry, I went through a time when I felt stuck, uninspired and was unable to put pen to paper.  Have you ever felt that way?

Well… during the past year, the focus for my coaching has taken a wonderful new and more expansive direction.

I’ve become certified as a coach – a DreamBuilder Coach!  I’m now giving vision workshops and presentations, and coaching lawyers (primarily), executives and professionals to create a vision for their life, and ...

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What is the voice of the Heart?

Have you ever wondered what people are talking about when they say “come from your heart”?

If that question resonates with you, read on. I have a secret to share!

When I first heard people ask:  “what does your heart say”, I thought it was weird, and somewhat silly.  Perhaps it was just me, and being a lawyer, but we didn’t talk in those terms.  While I felt things, I just thought these were my emotions and feelings.  It seemed to me ...

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Halloween Appearances

It’s the time of Halloween here in Canada and North America.  I was out walking in the forest, and was reflecting on Halloween and that most of us dress up in all manner of costume as a matter of course all the time.  Some dress as who they want to be or emulate.  Others dress in a more macabre fashion.   Yet together, we all become actors in, dare I say, a rather weird play.

I remember going to a Halloween party ...

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I found this photograph of a wild rose (by Dennis Jarvis).  The rose is beautiful, isn’t it?

When we experience beauty, it is because we are attuned to its frequency.  And, the more we tune into beauty, the more we experience it.

In many respects this wild rose represents the programs and coaching I offer.

You will create a vision that aligns with your values and then take steps to build that dream vision.  This requires and you will learn to attune to ...

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