Back of the Bus

Last year I visited the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, and sat in the seat where Rosa Parks sat.  Now, I’m Canadian and we have a different collective story, though one no less challenging to some in that way.

Rosa Parks’ stand for refusing to go to the back of the bus is a stand that each and every one of us can make. 

On a personal level, we must take a stand to command our own minds if we are to truly live lives that we love living.

Negative thoughts – thoughts against ourselves – whether of doubt, fear, anxiety or whatever your particular negative thought patterns are, will otherwise continue to deepen.  And at some point, they may seem insurmountable.

It must have taken great courage for Ms. Parks to take her stand.  The bus driver had a gun with full right to use it on her when she refused to go to the back of the bus.  To his credit, he refrained.

They say, “Conformity breeds contempt”.  And this happens first in our minds, whether projected inwards or outwards, we conform to patterns of thinking and they continue to generate results we don’t prefer.  Yet we have the power to up level our patterns of thinking.  And, when we do new pathways open.

Where in your life have you (consciously or unconsciously) been relegating your Self to the back of the bus? Your health? Relationships? Time? Money?

What would you love more of in your life?

You are made for greatness!  Are you willing to take your stand? 

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Here’s to YOU!

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