Being Authentic

– Being the True You –

Your mid-September update –

I trust you had a good summer – for many it was a welcome reprieve from circumstances we’ve all be in over the past 15 months.

I was planning on sending this at the beginning of September, yet I could feel changes were in the “air”. I woke up in the middle of the night on August 31 and was awake for several hours – it felt like a “heads up”. Something big was shifting.

September 1 may have marked a turning point, or demarcation.

I know that the beginning of September always feels like a “new year” and September also feels like a transition month. Where I grew up, it was the start of a new school year, and that continued through high school and university… It marks the end of the summer fun, and freedom, and the beginning of “getting down to brass tacks” (as my dad used to say) or getting focused on work. Yet this year felt different to me.

I’ve been sensing more and more that humanity is at a crossroads or pivot point. I’d read and heard that a timeline split is happening. Initially I didn’t really understand what this was or what people were talking about. However, in the last few weeks I’ve started to see more and more evidence of it.

I’ve read that we are entering an era of group consciousness. Yet let’s be clear, that is different or distinct from group think. Group consciousness values each individual, and respects, accepts and appreciates differences. Group think is where everyone has to think the same way, it’s a “consensus” mentality, where those who don’t think the same are unwelcome. As a lawyer I know there are always many sides to each situation. Up until now the constitutional right of a free and democratic society has been withheld to some degree. I see the democratic side, yet am concerned about our freedom. We may not like or agree with all voices, yet it is essential they have the right to voice if we are to maintain our freedom. 

Some say we have consensus on certain world issues. Yet in a world of duality, where could there ever truly be consensus? Consensus or agreement that is based on or sourced in fear is not true agreement. I’d call it manipulation, conditioning (or I prefer to be direct and say programming), pressure, control or sometimes authoritarianism. We’ve heard or read about this at some of the darkest times in recent history the time of Hitler and the Nazi and the Cultural Revolution in China… to name just two.

Since we are human beings and human beings are creators at heart, in our true state we would be hard pressed to have a planetary consensus even in the world of duality. We may have heard of realities that are based in love – and yet there is no consensus there either. Creators are not consensus driven.

On the Gregorian calendar there is a delineation of BC to AD. I’ve come to think there is another or New BC happening, and that is “Before C-vid”.

What the After is, is unfolding right now, and is up to each and every one of us. We are within the time of transition. From where I stand we have a timeline such as the following:

BC to AD up to January 2020. AD turned into a New “BC” and the timeline is unfolding. Will you be on a timeline of consensus, fear and control? or one of freedom, Love and creativity?

It looks like there is a line in the sand.

Many have chosen their destination and timeline destiny. Others may have chosen and are not yet locked in. At this time, they still have the opportunity to re-choose. Yet the window for that is closing.

As Jim Carrey said in his “Secret to Life” speech: “… You will only ever have 2 choices: love or fear. Choose love and don’t ever let fear turn you against your playful heart.” I’ve put a link to that 3+ minute speech below if you haven’t seen and are interested in accessing it.

What are you choosing? It is now time for each of us to make our choice – to step up in a new way and to respond to the call from within. It really is a choice between love and fear.

Now you may be saying what on earth are you talking about and how can I make this choice?! And if that’s you, let me explain.

Have you noticed that the quality of light or sunshine is different now than it was some years ago? I don’t remember when I first started noticing it, but at a certain point the sun and everything around started to look “washed out”. There was a different quality to the light – it seemed whiter.

We’ve been told that this the result of climate change and human based. No-one disputes that the world’s climate is changing. However, in addition to what we hear on the normal mainstream and social media channels, there is a bigger picture. 

I have heard from a number of sources ( being one) that our solar system is traversing into a new area of the galaxy. The magnetic shield of the earth is now lower than it has been in thousands of years. This is cyclical – on a tens of thousands of years timeline, and part of the evolution of the earth. It’s part of our own evolution, too.

As more and a different quality of light comes onto the planet, we human beings are impacted and affected at the level of our DNA. 

While we believe ourselves to be “solid”, human beings are far from it. We know this from simple physics, yet our 5 physical senses (seeing, hearing, touch, smell, and taste) don’t quite get it or record that information. Most of us were taught and therefore believe that if you can’t see, hear, touch, smell or taste something it doesn’t exist. We’ve heard of quantum physics and metaphysics, but all that can seem a little woo-woo since the science we learned in school didn’t include all that. Yet, it isn’t woo-woo. We just weren’t taught it in school.

We can take a stand for who we truly are and what we know to be true in our hearts, regardless of what is happening on the physical level. Yet to do that we have to know who we truly are.

Each one of is not an identity, or the mask that we may wear to the outer world, or the limitations we have adopted and carry around or in fact anything we may believe ourselves to be. We are way more than that.

Those identities, and the habits and patterns of thought and behavior that go along with them, are preventing you from moving forward. It takes energy to keep all of that going. Assess what in your life may be pulling you down or taking you off your center. Perhaps it’s a habit, memory or way of living. Perhaps your energy is tethered to the political situation and discussions with those you love who may have an opinion that differs from you. These are areas you may wish to release, let go of, walk away from in a gentle, peaceful and loving manner. In doing so you restore your energy to be more present to the situation at hand.

We cannot build a new life tethered or attached to the past. 

The gateway to that experience is through the heart. Though ridiculed as being part of the woo-woo culture, the heart is the portal to all wisdom. It is through our heart that inspiration flows into us, to then be taken up by the brain to be actioned. It is from our heart that we can know the actions to take to support the powerful shifts available. It is from our heart that we can tune in and make a choice for love, create a vision and live life by design, or we will generate experiences by default.

So what will you choose?

I’m personally walking away from a few attachments I’ve had which means my work going forward is shifting and will be based on more on what I’m being called to do. As a friend wrote: “I’m doing my best to stand up and show my soul”. I’d say “Spirit” rather than soul yet otherwise I echo the sentiment.

As a wise friend once said: people want change but they don’t want to change. We will never create the life we would love with the patterns of belief we have now. Something, some patterns of behavior and belief that you are carrying have to change. 

Yet it can be a fun and rewarding process and experience. Certainly, that’s my experience.

The time for waiting is over. I can’t stress enough that the “time is NOW”.

If you don’t make a choice for the timeline you want (and back it with energy and action), a choice will be made for you by default.

You are likely receiving this same message in a number of ways, so do choose your course of action.

Have a great rest of your month!


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