Formally and Informally –

Eve has a BA Honours from Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario, and an LLB from the University of Saskatchewan.  She was called to the Bar in Ontario and has been an Ontario lawyer since 1987.  In the process, she worked at Oslers, one of Canada’s most prestigious law firms in Toronto.

She has been engaged in personal development and evolutionary experiences for over 27 years, and loves helping others.

Teaching, coaching and mentoring come naturally to Eve and in 2006, she started supporting and then coaching and mentoring lawyers along with other professionals and individuals on personal and professional issues.  She continues to volunteer as a Coach and Advisor for the Law Society of Ontario.

Early in her career she taught a course for industry, and has since been a guest speaker for colleges and industry, tutored students for the Bar exams, mentored candidates for Ryerson University’s Law Practice Program and trained as an inspirational speaker and trainer, with Les Brown and others.

She is currently certified to coach programs that have a 40 year track record of success and loves working with people who are ready to accelerate their results and create richer, more fulfilling lives.


Eve’s Story, in her own words, for context –

I had a challenging start to life in that I was given a nerve suppressant medication for the first 4.5 years of my life.  It was for epilepsy and I didn’t have epilepsy.  What that did was program the body, mind and emotions so as to not express my needs and wants.  As a result, I suppressed my real voice from the time I was very young.  Yet I always knew there was something powerful within me to say and give and that I was here to make a difference somehow.

If you’re reading this, I believe you have something wonderful to do and say too.

When I received my Call to the Bar in April of 1987, it was a time of celebration!  To start work as a lawyer was a real achievement and had taken a lot of energy, time and focus.  Yet I felt a bit lost and had no idea why.

I started searching for answers, and from the early 1990’s invested a tremendous amount of energy in growing my awareness.  As a result I was involved in some amazing transformational and evolutionary experiences.

Yet on a day to day level, I was experiencing one challenge after another.  Like Alice in Wonderland, it seemed like I kept falling into rabbit holes and ending up at the Mad Hatter’s tea parties.

I remember it was a Monday in March.  I was at my home office, working away as a corporate lawyer when the phone rang.  After I put the phone down at the end of the call, it was clear to me that I was at a crossroads.  Despite the fact that I’d grown my awareness in many ways, I was feeling disheartened.  What I really wanted was to be happy and for there to be a flow in my life.  And that wasn’t happening then.

So at that moment I made a decision that I was going to do whatever it took.  No excuses.

Within a few days I saw a post on Facebook (and I wasn’t on FB very often at the time) and enrolled in an online course to learn about the way the brain functions and my own patterns of thinking.  I dusted off books and materials I’d collected and started to take the information I’d gained to heart – rather than for granted.  I started to take action.

In the process, I realized I had no clear vision for what I really wanted.  By many standards, I had great success.  Yet feeling consistently happy and being able to say, ‘I LOVE MY LIFE!!’ had eluded me.  It was during this time that I enrolled in a program that changed my life.  I started to dream again and something in me came alive!

What I discovered is that there is a beautiful, elegant, reliable, repeatable process and system for how to discover and then turn your desires into physical reality.

AND… its FUN!!!being authentic

Once I started applying the principles in my life, my mindset and circumstances changed.  I now look forward to each day, my relationships are better, I feel happy and my health is great.  Business is thriving, and more importantly, I actually feel love for myself and my life!

Best of all, I get to help people gain clarity and then achieve extraordinary results in their lives.


You’ll be so happy you did!


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“You looked into my soul, and weren’t repelled by what you saw. For that, I will always be exceedingly grateful. At the time I wasn’t able to embrace such intimacy. Now it is a fond memory.”–B. C., theologian, USA, October 2013

“’I used to live in a room full of mirrors, and all I could see was me…’ Jimi Hendrix. Then I met Eve… Thanks for your patience and perseverance.”–H.S., Toronto Canada, June 2008