“Friendly, Perceptive, Inspiring and a True Guide”

Eve Wahn combines experience of 35+ years as a Corporate Lawyer and mentor, 30+ years of conscious spiritual evolution, including with extra terrestrial beings, trainings as a Keynote Speaker and certification as a Life Coach to guide and support her clients.

With a BA Honours from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario and an LLB (JD) from the University of Saskatchewan, Eve worked as an associate lawyer at Oslers, one of Canada’s most prestigious law firms in Toronto, until 1993 when she experienced a spiritual awakening that continues to expand and evolve each day.

Star Lineage, ET contact and more

Since then and over many transformational events and experiences, Eve is clear there is far more going on here than we see with our eyes or understand with any of our senses.  Skilled in negotiation, drafting and creative problem solving, Eve is also highly intuitive, spiritual and wise.  She brings these qualities to her speaking and coaching, along with an innate understanding and empathy.  Her holistic understanding of life goes well beyond words.

As an experienced Speaker and Life Coach, Eve offers inspiring and transformational workshops and personalized coaching programs for clients who are looking to align with with their True purpose to contribute to the evolution of humanity and the world, and those who are ready to accelerate their results and create richer, happier and more fulfilling lives.  These testimonials speak for themselves.

If you are ready to change your life and would like a coaching session, you can book one online.  The 30 minute sessions are offered on a donation basis at this time.

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“You looked into my soul, and weren’t repelled by what you saw. For that, I will always be exceedingly grateful. At the time I wasn’t able to embrace such intimacy. Now it is a fond memory.”–B. C., theologian, USA

“’I used to live in a room full of mirrors, and all I could see was me…’ Jimi Hendrix. Then I met Eve… Thanks for your patience and perseverance.”–H.S., Toronto Canada

Star Lineage, ET contact and more