Helping Heart Centered Professionals Live Purpose-filled Lives.


Feeling unfulfilled? Stressed? Challenged in some way?

Hello, my name is Eve Wahn. I’m a certified Life Coach and can help you transform your life.


What is a Life Coach and why have one?

Each of us is creative and very powerful – yet we don’t generally learn that as we grow up, do we?  Some of us follow our passion only to get tired of all the “other stuff” we have to do along with it.  Others of us don’t know what our true purpose is.  We go through school, get a job to pay the bills and settle down to a life.  Yet after a while, that becomes unfulfilling.

Are you seeking more for yourself and your Life? 

If so, as a life coach, my role is to guide you into that knowing, support you to trust and act on your inner wisdom and inspiration, and provide tools and support when doubt, worry or fear rise up and you want to turn back.

I may challenge certain beliefs that you have, along with some of your thinking, and I won’t agree with limitations you may have placed on your self or your life.  We all have circumstances and conditions, yet we can learn to navigate them into greater personal freedom and joy, rather than be taken down by them.

Right now, you may be standing at the doorway to your greatest life!

Even if you can’t see it, the doorway is there.  It’s within your heart, and calling to you.

Each of us has a choice.

It will never be the “right” time – for life doesn’t work that way.  That’s called procrastination, and it resists life.

So, we can either wake up every day wondering “what if” yet continue to live as we do, or, if you’ve had enough of the same old, same old, you can make a decision to live the life you were designed to live – your purpose for being on this planet at this time.

Intolerance is a powerful thing.  So if you’ve had enough of being unhappy, frustrated, unfulfilled…

If you’d like to begin your journey of what could be…

Learn More…

  • Be authentic. Dare to be different and to follow your own Star.–Eve Wahn

  • My purpose is to Brighten, Heal and Inspire those who seek the Truth.–Eve Wahn

  • You can’t realize a dream unless you have one to begin with.–Thomas Edison

  • You can either live your life by design or you will live it by default.–Mary Morrissey

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